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My concern was ensuring procedures were correct to minimise risk to the company and obtain the best possible outcome for the employment issue we were facing. Thankfully it did not come true. Russell from Russell Drake consulting expertise in employment relations and amazing negotiation skills meant we achieved the best possible solution for both parties.

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As a company we wanted no come backs from employees in regards to Personal Grievances due to our lack of company expertise, in how to the address or handle employment issues / situations correctly, in reference to our employment contracts and current legislation.  To date we have had no come backs in regards to PG’s because we followed precise, clear instructions from Russell Drake Consulting/EMA.

They provide a prompt service in which our employment issues are addressed.  The advice and instructions have been clear and easy to follow.   We were guided step by step in the whole process and at any time we could discuss for clarification.  At no stage have we felt that our employment issues have been trivial.

Aspire Community Support

The biggest concern for our organization was ensuring the correct processes were adhered to with staff employment issues and being confident in knowing that we were following not just a correct but a best practice disciplinary process. Russell Drake Consulting guided us through the entire process from providing draft letters, facilitating the face to face meeting and providing support with the outcomes through advice, letters and future process if any.

Another concern was finding the right staff and we trialed using psychometric testing and the like that Russell Drake Consulting provided, collated and then gave us feedback not just in writing but verbally about each candidate and how they were during the process which provided some very insightful observations.

Just knowing they were so responsive with their guidance and support in ensuring our organization was compliant with following correct processes.  Russell is a brilliant wordsmith and due to the extensive up to date knowledge of legislation we were confident that written documentation and processes would be perfect. Yolande has also supported our organization with advice on our human resource policies and procedures and worked closely with us in drafting various versions of new employment contracts to suit for casual, permanent, waged and salaried staff.  The best thing about these is that the templates are now very easy to use and we know that they are foolproof in design. 

Considering the range of services Russell Drake Consulting provide I would say “Can you afford not to use them” they have the specialist knowledge, Russell is a No1 at providing excellent standard of documentation.  They follow through on what they say they will, are friendly and approachable.  I think for me personally the one thing I have appreciated is that I am never made to feel a fool, or am judged in any way, they are there to help us not judge us….they have the specialist knowledge and while I need to be up to date generally where things are at re employment legislation etc, I know I can rely on them for the more specific nitty gritty knowledge.   I can just call and have a quick conversation to get what I need or guidance etc.

Wairarapa Moana Farms

We contact Russell Drake Consulting whenever we have any concerns because we know we will receive straight forward, correct advice that we can understand. We are guided through the right process with great efficiency and receive great service and great advice.

Alsynite NZ Limited

The PG factor would always be in every employers mind when an employee is not performing. When this became a possibility we called in Russell Drake Consulting/EMA to sort out the issue from the outset and it was definitely a good call. Their ability to mediate has a calming effect and this ensures I don’t explode and then later regret it. Call Russell Drake Consulting/EMA first when a potential employee issue arises rather than later when it’s out of control, this can be soul destroying as an employer.

The thing that sticks out over the years is employees arrive with all the necessary ability needed to fulfil a particular roll in their mind, but then when they are found wanting and in out of their depth, its everyone else’s fault, this is very common with office staff.

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