August 2018 Newsletter


Feeling like all the changes affecting your business are starting to mount up? In this month’s newsletter we look to provide current and up to date information for you across a range of recent employment issues and law changes that will affect your business. If you are having issues in your work place, please give us a call.

We also include a link to an article from Linda-Maree regarding Recruitment and Selection Interviewing recently published in BIZ Hamilton. Fegan & Co is our recruitment company specialising in appointing top candidates. 

In this Edition:
1. Does "on call" mean a bigger cost to your pocket?
2. Are you ready for Change?
3. Domestic Violence Protection Bill
4. Medical Certificates
5. Selection Interviewing

Does "on call" mean a bigger cost to your pocket?



Are your Employees required to be on-call? A recent ERA determination has meant that being on-call could now trigger a minimum wage entitlement, so what does that mean for Employers? Follow the link to find out more: here


Are you ready for change?



With the dark cloud of pending changes to Employment Legislation looming over Employers, there is finally a silver lining! The Government is looking at revamping the Holidays Act 2003 to address the large-scale payroll compliance issues we are seeing across the country. we all know how difficult it is to calculate leave, and how can it not be with all those differing calculations? Even MBIE has trouble! Employers now have something to look forward to! However, if you are having problems under the current Act, feel free to give us a call!


Domestic Violence Protection Bill



The passing of the Domestic Violence Protection Bill will hit Employers in the pocket as further obligations are to be imposed on the Employer under the Human Rights Act 1993Holidays Act 2003 and Employment Relations Act 2000. What does this mean for you? Follow the link to find out: here


Medical Certificates



Are medical certificates easier for Employees to obtain? To find out who could issue your Employees a medical certificate and what this means for you, read the full article on our website: here


Selection Interviewing



Although technology is developing at an exponential rate, A.I technology still does not replace the skills of the recruiter during selection interviewing when choosing the right person for your company. Read the article on our website (here) to understand how we can find the right person for your company. 





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