Just before Christmas, the first wave of Employment Law changes was passed, the second wave is coming. Stay informed by reading through our articles attached to this month’s newsletter

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  • We have moved premises

  • The second wave

  • Changes are on the way

  • Restrictions on 90 Day Trials

  • Fair Pay Agreements


After 6 years at 420 Angelsea Street, it came time to move to a new location. As of the 18 February our new address has been 103 Tristram Street, Hamilton. We have been enjoying our new offices and are looking forward to all the opportunities that it will bring. 

 This Months Articles

The Second Wave


Employment Law has had many changes recently, but there is still many more to come. Do you know what to expect? Find out here

 Changes are on the Way


Read about the upcoming changes to Employment Law in 2019 here.

Restrictions on 90 Day Trials



With changes to the 90 Day Trial approaching, do you know the next step for your company? We can help, read here

Fair Pay Agreements



Everything you need to know about Fair Pay Agreements this year right here

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