Welcome to our July Newsletter. This month we look at the new Domestic Violence (now Family Violence) legislation to provide you as the employer some practical information on its application.

We are also offering, until 16 August 2019 a complimentary review of your individual employment agreements. This is a great way of staying on top of all the changes – read our article on ‘The Ever-Evolving World of The Individual Agreement’.

Ever wondered about that Final Pay and if you can legally make deductions? Read our article ‘Deductions from Final Pay’ to understand what you can or cannot do.

We have now amalgamated Fegan & Co into Russell Drake Consulting - Read our article about Running a Multiple Entity Business and Why. 

This Month's Articles 

Domestic Family Violence Leave

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You may not have dealt with Domestic Violence Leave yet, but chances are you will in the near future. 

Read Linda-Maree's article to find out what to do - Here

The Ever-Evolving World of the 'Individual Employment Agreement' 

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Make sure that you are starting on the right foot to save you issues in the long run - Read Here.

Deductions from Final Pay

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Have you ever paid out an Employee and then realised they owe you a debt? Read more here to find out how to avoid this. 

Running a Multiple Entity Business and Why?

Want to know more about how we operate? - Read Here

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