September 2018 Newsletter


Being forewarned about potential law changes can enable you to make informed decisions ahead of time that takes into consideration where your business may be vulnerable. It also includes understanding how to apply current employment regulations.

Read on to see how some employers have been caught out and what penalties were imposed.

Always here to assist our clients – please contact us earlier rather than later – it may save you a great deal of time and money.

In this Edition:
1. No White After Labour Day
2. No Hiding Here
3. Collective Bargaining Process
4. The Ever Changing Law


No White After Labour day


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Paying Employees for public holidays, whether they are working or not, can be tricky. Follow the link to find out what your obligations are for paying Employees this Labour Day. Read the full article here.

No Hiding Here


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Is your business complying with the minimum standards? A recent ERA determination has meant that Owners and Directors may now become personally liable for breaches of the minimum standards. So what does that mean for Employers? Follow the link to find out more here.


Collective Bargaining Process


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What should you know about the Union's rights and Collective bargaining requirements in your workplace? Read Russell's article to learn more. 


The Ever Changing Law


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Struggling to keep up to date on the upcoming law changes? We have made it easy for you! Follow the link to find out how far along in the law-making process the Bills have gotten - here

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